Recent Videos

Recent homilies below. However, the first one is a cool video from our trip to Kenya with parishioners in January 2020. Enjoy!

Trinity Sunday In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
Pentecost 2021: Babel and Pentecost
Ascension of the Lord Where He Goes We Hope to Follow
6th Sunday of Easter Faith is Better than Fame
5th Sunday of Easter God Prunes So We Can Grow
4th Sunday of Easter The Smell of the Sheep
3rd Sunday of Easter Ramifications of the Resurrection
2nd Sunday of Easter Blessed by a Wounded Hand
Easter 2021 The Meaning of Our Existence
Palm Sunday Eloi Eloi Lema Sabachthani
5th Sunday of Lent Memento Mori
4th Sunday of Lent A Mid-Lent Checkup
3rd Sunday of Lent Cleansing the Temple of the Heart
2nd Sunday of Lent The Transfiguration Moments of Life
1st Sunday of Lent Hope is On the Horizon
6th Sunday of Ordinary Time Spiritual Leprosy
5th Sunday of Ordinary Time Job and the Problem of Suffering
4th Sunday of Ordinary Time Surrender to God
3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Do Not Be Late
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time Where is God
The Baptism of the Lord Does My Life Point to Jesus